Is the Nintendo DS overrated?

There are many people who remember the 00’s as a glorious decade for gaming in general especially considering all of the high profile consoles that came out during that time period. Why Sony’s PS2 and PS3 consoles were very popular Microsoft’s Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles rivaled Sony and Nintendo’s game systems within the 00’s decade. However, the popularity of Sony and Microsoft’s consoles did not stop Nintendo from having a prosperous decade when it came down to their game systems such as the case with the Game Boy Advance, Wii and the Nintendo DS consoles. While the Wii was Nintendo’s most popular home console of the 00’s decade the Nintendo DS was arguably their most successful handheld game system during that time period. The Nintendo DS was basically like a portable N64 where players got play games like the New Super Mario Bros U, Mario Kart DS, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl along with Pokemon Black and White. While some would go on record and argue that Game Boy Advance had more polished graphics than than the Nintendo DS; everyone knows that Nintendo was the first come out with a portable 3D console despite its quality being inferior to that of the PSP. Not only that the Nintendo DS ended up becoming one of the best selling game systems of the 00’s decade reaching over 154 million units in worldwide sales. The Nintendo DS surpassed consoles like the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii in overall sales which a very impressive feat. The Nintendo DS is prime example on why Sony cannot touch Nintendo as it relates to portable gaming despite systems like the PSP and the Vita being more superior in terms of visual quality. Neither the PSP or the PlayStation Vita came close to selling a much as the Nintendo DS and both game systems did not have nearly as many memorable titles as the 3D handheld game system from 2004.

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