Retro Gaming 90’s- Quake: (1996)

When it comes down to legendary first-person shooter games from the 90’s one of the few games that many people remember is the original Quake title which came out back in 1996. Quake was developed by id Software and published by GT Interactive. Since its release Quake has been released for its appeared on multiple game system between ’96-’98 including the MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, Linus, Mac OS, Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn. Quake was one of the few first-person shooter games from its era that was ahead of its time similar to the original game. Quake came out during a time period where first-person shooter genre had yet to explode in popularity and when 3D gaming started to become more mainstream. Quake was a mature rated first-person shooter with a dark and ominous themed video game with blood, gore and a basic plot involving the Earth being invaded by ferocious creatures who enter the world through slip gates. Players take control of a unnamed character who is apart of a special marine unit who is charged with the task of killing the mysterious being codenamed “Quake”. One of the main things that separated Quake from the original Doom game was that in feature real-time 3D rendering which added more realism to the game and looked very impressive by 90’s standards. Quake had seven episodes with over 30 different levels. Along with the single-player campaign the multiplayer mode in Quake was also something that everyone loved especially as it related to the death matches. Quake is a game that has developed a cult following since its release and it was recently re-released for game systems such as: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch back in 2021. In terms of popularity some would go on record and argue that Quake was the most popular first-person shooter game on ’96 even more so than Duke Nukem 3D because of its darker atmosphere.

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