Codemasters- Underrated racing game developer?

When we think about popular video game developers from the past decade names like Polyphony Digital, Turn 10 Studios, Playground Games and Criterion Games instantly comes to mind. The developers just mentioned came out with high profile titles during the 10’s especially Polyphony Digital and PlayGround Games with the Gran Turismo and Forza titles. For those who do not know Codemasters are the ones who have been responsible for the development of the Formula One racing titles that came out all throughout the 10’s decade. Codemasters are also the masterminds behind the Dirt racing franchise along with the Grid series which has been around since 2008. The F1 racing series has been around since the late 00’s with each installment seemingly get better in terms of quality of overtime.

There were various critics who had noting but great things to say about F1 2021 which is now considered to be one of the greatest entries within its series. Despite, the F1 series improving in quality over the 10’s decade it has to compete with more popular racing franchises in Gran Turismo and Forza which are bigger names within the gaming industry. As it currently stands Codemasters is currently owned by Electronic Arts which bought the company out for $1.2 billion back in early 2021. Its obvious that Codemasters is a world-class racing game developer and seemingly been putting out better racing titles than Polyphony Digital considering the fact that Gran Turismo 7 was heavily criticized following its release in March 2022; along with the fact that the sales figure GT7 has been seemingly poor so far. Even though, F1 2021 was not on the same level as Forza Horizon 5 in terms of popularity and mainstream appeal many could definitely argue that the game was more entertaining than Gran Turismo 7. Its unlikely that Codemasters will ever produce a racing title that will sell nearly as much as the likes of Gran Turismo 3, 4 and 5 all titles that reached over 11 million copies in sales during the PS2/PS3 era of gaming. However, Codemasters is a racing game developer that continues to thrive in the modern era of gaming in relation to its genre despite all the competition the company has been facing for the past decade or so.

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