NetherRealm Studios- Best fighting game developer of the 2010’s?

There is no question whatsoever that the 10’s decade was a great time period to be a gamer especially if you were into the fighting genre of gaming. We got to see so many memorable blockbuster fighting titles during the 10’s decade including Super Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Soul Calibur V, Street Fighter VI, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Tekken 7 and more. But when it comes down to fighting titles that received mainstream recognition in relation to this past decade a variety of those games were developed by NetherRealm Studios. During the 10’s decade NetherRealm Studios had been responsible for developing memorable titles such as: Injustice: Gods Among Us, Mortal Kombat IX, Mortal Kombat X, Injustice 2 along with Mortal Kombat XI between ’11-’19. When it comes to storytelling in fighting games it seems like NetherRealm Studios has done it better than rival video game developers in relation to that particular genre. Injustice 2 has become one of the most successful DC related games of all-time and Mortal Komabt XI ended up becoming the best selling installment within its own series. Mortal Kombat XI has managed to reach at least 12 million copies in worldwide sales within three years and is arguably the best installment out of the three main entries that appeared during the 10’s decade. When it comes down to “M” rated fighting games it seems like NetherRealm Studios has no equal and still able to produce “T” rated titles that could compete with the likes of Bandi Namco Studio’s Tekken 7.

It should also be noted that fighting games like Mortal Kombat X from 2015 are also considered to be masterpieces developed by NetherRealm Studios especially since it took almost everything from MK9 to the next level in relation to art design, dialogue, storytelling and overall violence. Throughout, the 10’s decade NetherRealm Studios had consistently managed to stay relevant within the fighting genre with almost every game they produced achieving massive commercial success. All of the momentum that NetherRealm Studios has gained during the 10’s decade is likely going to carry over into the 2020’s; especially since the world is awaiting the official announcements and releases of games like Mortal Kombat XII and Injustice 3. While everyone has their own respective opinions on which fighting game developer was the most popular its almost certain that NetherRealm Studios would have to be in many people’s top five.

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