Retro Gaming 90’s- WWF In Your House: (1996)

The mid to late 90’s was such a great time period to be a fan of pro wrestling considering the fact that it was hotter during that time period than has been within the past two decades. The second half of ’96 was a time period where more people started watching pro wrestling especially WCW due to the formation of New World Order and the presence of edgier and more adult oriented television. In terms of video games we got games like WCW vs The World along with WWF In Your House in ’96 for the original Sony PlayStation console. Almost everyone knows for a fact that WCW vs The World was a more superior game than WWF In Your House was for the PS1. However, many people were initially excited about the release of WWF In Your House for the PS1 considering the fact that it was supposed to be the spiritual successor the WWF WrestleMania Arcade Game from 1995. WWF In Your House had a roster of roughly ten characters including the likes of Undertaker, Shawn Michales, Bret Hart, British Bulldog, Goldust, Ultimate Warrior, Owen Hart, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Vader, Amend Johnson and other top stars from the New Generation era. Similar to the WWF WrestleMania Arcade Game the WWF In Your House title was published by Acclaim Entertainment but it was only released for game systems like PS1, Sega Saturn and MS-DOS. The graphics for WWF In Your House was not quite a good as its spiritual predecessor but gameplay seemed faster and each character had their own wrestling venues. The commentary of the WWF In Your House game was also pretty decent and the game itself felt like original Mortal Kombat title from ’92 but with less violence. The game had a season mode along with multiplayer gameplay with players being able to perform finishing moves, special moves and taunts. During this time period Acclaim Entertainment was have financial issues which is sometime that was well documented which is probably why the quality of WWF In Your House fell below desired expectations. WWF In Your House is definitely one of the less popular pro wrestling games of the 90’s but from ‘late 90’s onwards almost every WWE video game that came out got better overtime especially throughout the 2000’s.

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