Will the Dead Space Remake be overshadowed in 2023?

There are many people who were expecting the release of the Dead Space Remake 2022 but unfortunately it got pushed back to January 2023. While many people are looking forward to the remake of the original Dead Space game it could end up being overshadowed as a survival-horror game altogether considering whats coming out in 2023. Along with the remake of Resident Evil 4 we are expecting the re-release of Silent Hill 2 for the PlayStation 5 as well. When the original Dead Space game came out back in ’08 it was one of the most popular titles within the survival-horror genre especially considering the fact that the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series was beginning to decline in popularity following the mid 00’s. While we did get to see a trailer for the Dead Space: Remake earlier in the year more people would rather see a completely new entry within the series altogether even though a remake of the original game is cool. There are so many big games in general that are set to be released in ’23 including Street Fighter 6, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Final Fantasy XVI and many others that the Dead Space: Remake has the potential to be overshadowed next year. While the overall fanbase for Dead Space is not nearly as high as Resident Evil the nostalgia for the ’08 survival-horror classic will be the main thing hardcore fans of the series into purchasing the remake for the PlayStation 5 in early 2023.

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