Resident Evil: Showcase 2022 (Reaction)

On October 20th we got to witness one of the most interesting gaming showcases of 2022. We got to see brand new gameplay footage and trailers of Resident Evil 4: Remake, Resident Evil RE:Verse along with the Gold Edition of Resident Evil Village. During the actual livestream it seemed like more people cared about the Resident Evil 4: Remake than anything else considering the fact that RE4 was one of the best installments within the entire series. The inclusion of modern day gameplay mechanics for Resident Evil 4 looked absolutely stunning and gave off Call of Duty vibes as it relates to being a third person shooter game. The story for Resident Evil 4 Remake remained exactly the same but and the cameras look way better than what we got in the original GameCube version from 2005. Also, players being able to block the attacks of infected creatures with chainsaws using a gun was one of the main highlights of the entire trailer for R34: Remake. As we already know the Resident Evil 4: Remake is set to be released on the PlayStation 5 on March 24th of 2023.

We also got to see the reveal trailer of Resident Evil Re: Verse which has been confirmed for a release on October 28th this year. One of the biggest features of Resident Evil Re:Verse is the fact that it will allow cross-play on multiple game systems including the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC. Resident Evil Re: Verse is supposed to be an online game only and despite how cool it looked it seemed somewhat underwhelming because people cared more about the RE4: Remake. As you can see above early access to cross play feature for Resident Evil: Re: Verse starts on October 23rd & 24th and ends on the 25th and the 26th. In order to have access to online gameplay PS5 & PS4 owners must have access to a PlayStation Plus membership and Xbox One & Series X users must be subscribed to a Xbox Live Gold membership. Resident Evil Re: Verse is people who are more interested in online multiplayer gameplay opposed to actual storyline which got fans invested into the RE series in the first place. However, despite what Capcom has promised about the open beta version of Resident Evil Re: Verse being available following the ’22 showcase; there have been reports of delays because Capcom is still trying to upgrade the game itself. Maybe, open beta access was not such a good idea in hindsight but it least its not as bad as the launch for Overwatch 2 which was a complete disaster. Also, the game modes for Resident Evil Re: Verse like Standard and Passcode match looked intriguing along with the offline Playground which is basically an offline practice mode. Players will have access to Raccoon City Police Department and the Baker House from RE7 with more stages likely to be revealed overtime for Resident Evil Re: Verse.

We also got to see Resident Evil:Village at the ’22 Showcase which was also something that people were somewhat impressed by. Even though, Resident Evil: Village from ’21 is not nearly as popular as the RE4 the fact that the game is going to be playable in third person in the near future is something that many people can definitely look forward to in the future. After the Resident Evil Showcase was finished people were given access to a 60 minute demo of Resident Evil: Village from a third person perspective. Those who decide to purchase the Gold Edition or the Winter Expansion pack for Resident Evil: Village will also be able to play the entire game from a third person perspective following their upcoming releases. The Mercenaries expansion pack is a continuation of the Shadow of Roses story and allow players to have access to other characters including Chris Redfield, Lady Alicina Dimitrescu and Karl Heisenburg. While being able to play as Chris Redfield in Resident Evil: Village sounds cool many people who have the base version of the. game are probably disappointed by the fact that they have to pay extra for him. Between the upcoming Resident Evil & Silent Hill games it seems like that the survival-horror genre is going to become more popular within the 2020’s decade compared to the 2010’s decade.

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