Should Fallout New Vegas be ported for PlayStation 5?

There are many people who are huge fans of the Fallout series and have been following the series since the late 90’s. The Fallout series really began to explode in popularity between the late 00’s-early 10’s and one of the greatest entries within the series came out back in 2010. While Fallout 3 from ’08 was considered to be a classic there are many who would go on record and argue that Fallout: New Vegas was probably the action role playing video games of the 2010’s decade. Ever since, Fallout: New Vegas was released twelve years ago the game has managed to reach roughly around 12 million copies in sales worldwide across multiple game systems including the PS3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Even though, Fallout 4 was critically acclaimed following its release back in 2015 the series itself had seeming began to decline in popularity as the 2010’s decade progressed. In fact, the Fallout 76 game from ’18 is wide regarded as one of the least popular installments within its own series because it fell below many people’s desired expectations. Everyone knows that Fallout: New Vegas was released two generations ago for the PlayStation 3. Since Fallout: New Vegas was never re-released for the PS4 many people believe that Bethesda Softworks should remake the game for current generation game systems such as the PlayStation 5, Xbox One and maybe even the Nintendo Switch. As it currently stands the PlayStation 5 is currently lacking in high-profile action RPG’s aside from games like Elden Ring, Demon Souls and Cyberpunk 2077 especially since the console is still new and only been around for a few years. Fallout: New Vegas is one those RPG’s that deserve a high definition 4K remake considering how popular the game was during its generation and how fondly people speak about it today.

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