Dino Crisis- Could it have worked on the N64?

When it comes down to classic survival horror video games from the late 90’s one of the few titles that comes to mind is Dino Crisis for the PS1. Dino Crisis was arguably Capcom’s second most popular survival-horror game series behind Resident Evil during the 90’s. The original Dino Criss game came out back in ’99 the same year Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was released and was considered to be one of Capcom’s most successful video games that particular year. In terms of quality some would go on record and say that Dino Crisis had better gameplay than some of the older Resident Evil titles for the PS1 that came out during the 90’s. Dino Crisis was also a video game that was a huge commercial success for a survival horror game reaching at least 2.4 million copies in sales on the original PlayStation console. Dino Crisis for the PS1 was almost like Capcom’s equivalent of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter from ’97 despite not being quite as popular. However, there are many people who always wondered on what Dino Crisis would of been like on the Nintendo 64. Even though, the N64 had better 3D graphics than the PS1 the console was not nearly as big as Sony’s 32-bit game system back in the 90’s. Dino Crisis most likely would not have sold as much as it did on the N64 in comparison to the original PlayStation console. As awesome Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter was back during the late 90’s it was not even within the 25 in relation to being one of the best selling video games for the Nintendo 64. But in hindsight Dino Crisis could have also been overshadowed on the N64 back in the late 90’s due to all of the big first party titles that appeared on that console including Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64 and Goldeneye 007. Capcom was more loyal to Sony from the mid 90’s onwards when it came down to producing games because it was the smarter business back then. Third party video games had a better chance of standing out on the original PlayStation console back in the late 90’s opposed to the Nintendo 64.

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