Master Detective Archives: Rain Code (2023)

Everyone is still talking about the Nintendo Direct presentation that occurred on 09.13.22 mainly because there were a handful of blockbuster announcements that were made in relation to upcoming releases. One of the few titles that may have been overshadowed by the likes of Octopath Traveler II, Kirby: Return to Dreamland Deluxe and Pikmin 4 was the announcement of a brand new dark fantasy action game called Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE. This new dark fantasy action game is set to appear on the Nintendo Switch but it was revealed in the trailer that it could eventually be ported to other game systems later down the line. Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is a game that many people are intrigued by as the setting of the game will take place in a corporate metropolis full of unsolved crimes and mysteries. This game focuses on a group of master detectives from around the world to come to together to investigate crimes together with the player controlling the main protagonist Yuma. Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is basically a action based detective game that blends elements of fantasy and reality mainly because of supernatural based features that are included in the game. While Yuma is on a mission to solve various crimes and mysteries he is also haunted by spirit named Shinigami. Yuma assumes the role of a trainee of the a detective agency where he is tasked with throughly exploring the details of several crime scenes throughout the game. During points of the game Shinigami will eventually create realms that links certain crime scenes to the truth. Each realm will have labyrinths where players will be expected to overcome manifestations of various mysteries while playing as Yuma. Players will deal with mystery phantoms who try to hinder the truths of each case with players having to fight back in order to shatter falsehoods in order to get closer to the truth. Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE will be published by Spike Chunsoft and is set to be released for the Switch console sometime in Spring 2023.

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