Retro Gaming 10’s- Xonic Superbeat: (2015)

There are many people who are aware of how popular the music rhythm genre was back in 2000’s and the early part of the 10’s decade. While the Dance Dance Revolution series dominated the 2000’s decade the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series had also become gained mainstream attention during the later part of that decade. We got to see the rise of the Just Dance and the Dance Central series which were also became iconic games like Superbeat: Xonic ended up becoming overlooked. Superbeat: Xonix was released for the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch between ’15-’19 and featured a variety of indie dance songs that came out from the mid 10’s era. Superbeat: Xonic was a music-rhythm game that involved players completing multiple songs by pressing buttons to match the rhythm of each soundtrack. Superbeat: Xonic had at least 50 soundtracks with their progress being reflected by Score and Rank. The game had multiple difficulty levels including 4TRAX, 6TRAX and 6 TRAX FX. One of the main highlights of Superbeat: Xonic was World Tour which gave players the opportunity to complete a series of missions in more than a dozen nightclubs around the world. Even though, Superbeat: Xonic was not a best seller in retail it was a pretty basic but fun game that would appeal to casual audiences. One of the reasons why Superbeat: Xonic was overshadowed during the mid 10’s was because the music rhythm genre was starting to decline by that time. If Superbeat: Xonix had a larger budget along with only one main publisher other than Arc System Works the game could have had more features.

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