Gargoyles game set to be remastered!!!

It seems like we have a ton of surprising news as it relates to upcoming releases in the near future. The news has recently broke that an old Disney game which appeared on the Sega Genesis back in ’95 known as Gargoyles is set to be re-released in the near future. For those who do not know Gargoyles was originally an animated television series which began back in ’94 and ended around ’97 in America. The Gargoyles video game from ’95 was published by Buena Vista Interactive and developed by Disney Software and was a single-player platformer which players controlled the main protagonist of the series Goliath. The plot for the Gargoyles game was pretty basic and revolved around players trying to destroy a magical ancient artifact known as the Eye of Odin. The Gargoyles game have a total of five long levels with a boss battle at the end of each stage. The main villain for the Gargoyles game is Demona the former lover of Goliath and also one of the primary antagonists of the series along with the likes of David Xanatos and Macbeth. As the remastered version of Gargoyles is concerned there is not too much information about it at the moment. We have no idea what consoles the remastered version of Gargoyles will be on and the release date is still unknown.

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