Sony giving the Ps5 a brand new design?

It seems like Sony has been in the news a lot this year for reasons both good and bad. There are many people who have been satisfied with the quality of video games that Sony has released on their current generation console. But since its release players have been vocal about a majority of things concerning the PlayStation 5 including malfunctioning controls; along with issues concerning micro-transactions and being ripped off in relation to online purchases within Sony’s online stores. Recently, Sony has been one the receiving end of a $9 million suit from at least one million gamers in regards to the mega corporation’s alleged malpractice. While many gamers being unhappy with Sony is a bad lock for the company they also realize that the PlayStation 5 console could of had a better design than what they have right now. There have been rumors circulating on various websites that Sony might be considering change the design of the PS5 possibly going for a more slimmer look with more gigabytes. As everyone know Sony has released multiple models of older generation game systems in the past with the PlayStation 3 and the PS4. Sony has yet to confirm whether or not they will be releasing a new PS5 model anytime in the near future; but its likely to happen because history tends to repeat itself a lot within the gaming world.

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