Does Saints Row deserve its own movie?

There are many people who remember how popular the Saints Row series was between the mid 00’s and the early 10’s. When it came down to action-adventure games that involved anything gang related the Saints Row series was almost as popular the likes of GTA and the Mafia franchise. There are many people who believe that Saints Row 2 and the third were among the most popular installments within the entire series due to the amount of commercial success both titles had following their respective releases. Even though, the recent Saints Row game which came out in ’22 has received polarizing reviews with most of them being negative some believe that the series has been around long enough to have its own movie or television show. However, the interest in of possibly seeing a Saint’s Row television show or movie is something that many gamers have not been to vocal about within the past decade. Besides everyone knows that Volition and Deep Sliver are both video game companies for the most unlike other corporations such as Sony, Microsoft or any other major entities that would have major ties to the film industry. As of right now it seems like people have less interest in the Saint’s Row series than ever before but the idea of seeing a movie or television show based on the trilogy from ’06-’11 sounds interesting to say the very least.

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