Could Super Mario Kart have worked on the NES in 1992?

The early 90’s was such a glorious time period to be alive especially considering all of the cool video games that we got to see for the SNES and Sega Genesis during the 16-bit era of gaming. One of most popular 16-bit games to have ever emerged from the early 90’s was the Super Mario Kart title from ’92 which went on to sell over 8.7 million copies worldwide since its release for the SNES. There are many people who believe that the graphics and the Mode 7 gameplay included in Super Mario Kart is what made the game standout so distinctly in comparison to many other 16-bit era titles from the early 90’s. As many know for some strange reason video game developers were still developing video games for the NES console during the early 90’s up until around ’93. While some early 90’s NES titles were popular like Mega Man 4, Ducktales 2 and Darkwing Duck Nintendo for the most part began shifting their focus towards making high profile 16-bit video games. If a game like Super Mario Kart was released for the NES it would not have looked anywhere as impressive as what we got for the SNES ’92. The NES console did not have Mode 7 which was something that was exclusive to the SNES console back in the early 90’s which added more to the overall quality of certain games. Even though, more people owned the NES overall due to its retail availability from ’83 onwards; Super Mario Kart would not have sold as nearly as much as it did on the NES as it did for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System between ’92-’94.

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