Juri Han- Street Fighter’s greatest villainess?

There are many people who have been familiar with the Street Fighter series dating back to the early 90’s since franchise began to gain mainstream attention following the success of the SF2 series from ’91-’94. The original roster of Street Fighter characters from SFII featured some larger than life characters that are still very popular to this day including Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken Masters, Guile, Cammy White and more. We also got to see the Street Fighter Alpha series from ’95-’98 which also featured the inclusion of memorable and charismatic characters such as: Sakura Kasugano, Karin Kanzuki, Dan Hibiki, Charlie Nash, Rose and more. The Street Fighter series also had many popular villain characters during the 90’s including the Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison who are all affiliated with Shadaloo along with Gill from SFIII who leads a secret organization that runs the world. You also had the main antagonist from Street Fighter 4 Seth who was the leader of the weapons division of Shadaloo.

While Seth is not quite as memorable as some of the other boss characters of the Street Fighter series one of the most popular villains to have appeared within the franchise was Juri Han. Juri Han made her in-game debut in Super Street Fighter IV back in 2010 working as a agent for S.I.N and has become one of the most popular characters within the entire SF franchise. Juri Han not only looked physically attractive but she was both dangerous and sadistic which many men consider to be a turn on. Also, Juri Han was probably the first true villainess that Street Fighter series ever had and was so powerful that she overpowered the likes of Chun-Li in battle. Juri Han’s tragic backstory involving the loss of her parents and her left eye at the hands of Bison and Shadaloo is basically turned to a sadistic killing machine. Throughout, the 2010’s Juri Han has been seen as one of Capcom’s most popular female characters of the decade and is still considered to be an attraction among casuals along with hardcore fans of the Street Fighter series today.

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