Street Fighter 6 – Kimberly and Juri Gameplay Trailer

As many people know Street Fighter 6 is one of the most highly anticipated fighting video games of 2023. Ever since Street Fighter 6 was announced earlier this year we got to see some pretty cool footage for the game along with introduction of both returning and new characters to the series. So far we have learned that the Street Fighter 6 will consist of characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Luke and Jamie. Recently, the news broke that Juri-Han will be returning to Street Fighter 6 with a much better character design than what Capcom gave her in SFV. Juri-Han looks more seductive and dangerous in Street Fighter 6 than she did in previous games which many people might see as a good thing. We also have another new female character named Kimberly who is basically a ninja and a student of Bushinryu a ninjutsu mastered by popular Street Fighter/Final Fight character Guy. While Kimberly is an interesting character with her urban look and impressive finishing moves many people are still anxious to learn more about her as time progresses. We also likely to get more character reveals for the Street Fighter 6 roster within the next couple months and hopefully we get to see more the return of more familiar faces from SF5.

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