Retro Gaming 90’s- Fallout 2: (1998)

The 90’s was a glorious decade to be alive considering the fact that almost everything from that decade was great from music to television all the way down to video games. While the 90’s was mainly an era where console games were more popular in general we did get to see the release some awesome PC titles during the later part of that decade. Along with games like Starcraft and the Unreal Tournament one of the most memorable video games to appear on PC was Fallout 2 from 1998. As many people know the original Fallout game had been released in ’97 and the setting for its sequel took place eight decades later where players controlled a character known as the Chose One who resided in a small fictional village of Arroyo. The post-apocalyptic setting of Fallout 2 looked impressive and its graphics looked outstanding by late 90’s standards. Fallout 2 was also a game that is considered to be somewhat notorious by gamers for its steep learning curve.

Fallout 2 was much tougher for beginners to master than the 3D installments that have been released from ’08 onwards. Also, Fallout 2 was probably the last 2.5 dimensional isometric main entry within its series before we got Fallout 3 a decade later. The publisher for Fallout 2 Interplay Entertainment provided players with a unique gameplay experience which rivaled the likes of the original Diablo game which came out for PC back in 1997. The attribute system was creative and consisted of various categories that players possessed that could be built up overtime including: Strength, Charisma, Luck, Endurance, and Intelligence. There are some people who would go on record and argue that Fallout 2 was a better game than StarCraft which also came out in ’98 mainly because it had a darker tone overall. Fallout 2 shine during an era where there was not as many PC users in relation to gaming in comparison to what we have seen during the second half of the 00’s and throughout the 2010’s decade. When it comes down to great PC titles of the past three decades Fallout 2 would be a game that would probably be within the top 25 on many people list mainly because it looked and felt like it was ahead of its time.

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