Did Call of Duty put the first-person shooter genre on the map?

There are many people who love the first-person shooter genre for a variety of reasons and since the 90’s it has increased greatly in terms of popularity. Back in the 90’s we had popular first-person shooter games that are considered to be memorable classics including Wolfenstein, Golden Eye 007 along with the Unreal Tournament from 1999. During the 00’s we began to see the rise in popularity of the first-person shooter genre as a whole with the emergence of video game series like Halo, Battlefield along with Call of Duty. During the most of the 00’s the Halo series was very popular with Halo 3 from ’07 arguably being the best installment within the entire series. Even though, Call of Duty has been around since ’03 the series really did not start pick up in popularity until the late 00’s after CoD; Modern Warfare 4 was released for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. After ’07 Call of Duty was probably the most popular franchise within the gaming world and had unfathomable commercial success between the late 00’s and the early 10’s. While there are countless installments within the Call of Duty series that are considered to be classics; many would argue that the series peaked back in the early 10’s following the releases of CoD: Black Ops I & II. In terms of sales Call of Duty: Black Ops I from ’10 reached at least 18 million copies in terms of worldwide sales while earning Activision at around $818 million in terms of revenue. Also, Call of Duty: Black Ops II had managed to reach over 29 million copies in sales following its release in ’12 with the game earning Activision over $500 million in revenue. The first-person shooter genre had never been more popular than it was when Call of Duty series was arguably at its peak back in the late 00’s-early 10’s. In fact, the first-person shooter genre had become a common preference among male teenagers and young adults in relation to gaming in general during the 2010’s decade. While the popularity of the Halo series along with the Unreal Tournament may have contributed to the increasing appeal of the first-shooter genre the Call of Duty franchise definitely played a huge role attracting the in interest of casuals around the world to games where machine guns are heavily involved.

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