Are Micro-transactions ruining video games?

There are many people who love gaming in general and it has been that way dating all the way back to the 80’s during the arcade era and the days when 8-bit gaming was popular. While the evolution of video games is considered to be a strong positive over the past three decades there have been many people who have been weary of micro-transactions for a majority of the 2010’s decade. While micro-transactions are a way for video game companies to obviously make more money there are people who dislike the idea of having to utilize real money to purchase in-game currency for something that is already on a disk that they purchased. There are many people who are also unhappy about the concept of loot boxes as well which is something that also began to increase in popularity throughout the 2010’s decade as well. Even though, titles like Fortnite are critically acclaimed by various gaming publications there were definitely a portion of people worldwide who were turned off by how Epic Games largely made their revenue. There also games like Star Wars: Battlefront II that was also heavily criticized for the inclusion for micro-transactions despite the overall quality of the game itself. The 80’s 90’s and most of the 00’s was a great time to gamer because people got everything they wanted on the disc or the cartridge they purchased. People did not have to worry about spending real money on content that was already in video games during the 80’s, 90’s and the early 00’s which is probably one of the reasons why consoles like the PS2 reached over 155 million in sales. Even though, micro-transactions play a role in turning people off from modern day gaming its something that is not very common among video game companies which why the PS4 was a massive commercial success back in the 2010’s decade. While prices for video games are rising across America due to inflation along with the economy being bad the last thing people want are micro-transactions in video games they already paid for.

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