Retro Gaming 00’s- Spider-Man 3: (2007)

There are many people who were huge fans of the Spider-Man movie trilogy that appeared on the big screen across America between ’02-’07. Each Spider-Man movie from the 00’s had its own video game adaption and in terms of gameplay and visuals each game was seemingly got better. When it comes down to the year ’07 one of the most popular super-hero movies to have emerged from that time period was Spider-Man 3. In the eyes of many people Spider-Man 3 was not quite as good as the second movie from ’04 but there is no question whatsoever that it was a massive box office success following its release in movie theaters. Spider-Man 3 had earned over $894 million in box office revenue following its release which was better than the second movie which generated around $789 million. While there were many hardcore fans of the Marvel series who loved the Venom saga of Spider-Man; one can argue that the Spider-Man 3 game did not necessarily fulfill the expectations of many people following its release. Spider-Man 3 was released for multiple game systems in ’07 including the PS3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Portable and Game Boy Advance. The Spider-Man 3 game did not need a Game Boy Advance or Wii port mainly because they were both inferior to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions in terms of quality. Also, many people found it strange how different the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game was from the PlayStation 2 and Wii ports in relation to the storyline. The PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game were mostly non-linear and gave players more freedom in terms of what order they could complete certain side missions before moving on to the one involving the storyline for the movie. It was also cool to see the inclusion of popular Marvel super-villains that were not in the Spider-Man 3 movie including Kingpin, Rhino and Scorpion.

There were a variety of things about the Spider-Man 3 game for the PS3 and Xbox 360 that was impressive including the visual design of the open world environment in Manhattan, New York. The voice-over dialogue with the Spider-Man 3 game was good by ’07 standards and was certainly an improvement over its predecessors. The Spider-Man 3 video game also had opening credits along with Peter Parker narrating about events that were taking place in his life as it related to gang warfare, Eddie Brock and his job at the Daily Bugle. As far boss battles were concerned the fights against Sandman and Venom were the ones that arguably stood out the most. The first boss encounter against Sandman felt epic mainly because it was straight out of the movie and because the developers did a good job of translating it in video game form as it related to the Spider-Man 3 movie. Venom was the final boss in the Spider-Man 3 game just like he was the main antagonist in the actual movie with the battle taking place in the same exact venue. One of the strongest positives about the Spider-Man 3 game was the fact that Activision was able to get Tobey Maguire to do the voice acting as Spider-Man which did nothing but help the overall quality this title. While Spider-Man 3 may not be considered one of the greatest superhero games of all-time; it was still one of the better superhero video games to have been released during the 00’s before Batman: Arkham Asylum came out in 2008.

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