Retro Gaming 00’s- Need For Speed: Pro Street: (2007)

The Need For Speed series is considered to be one of the most popular racing video games franchises of all-time and the series arguably reached its peak during the mid 00’s. However, despite the level of popularity the Need For Speed series had back in the 00’s the NFS: Pro Street game from ’07 is one that does not get talked about as much in comparison to other installments within the series. Need For Speed: Pro Street was developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts and release PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii and the PSP. Need For Speed: Pro-Street was the direct sequel to NFS: Carbon from ’06 and placed more emphasis on day racing opposed to the night. Need For Speed: Pro-Street provided players with around 55 cars to choose from had various different modes of racing including Drag, Drift, Grip and Speed which were all considered to be positive. But there were various critics who disliked the fact that Need For Speed: Pro-Street lacked open world gameplay that its predecessors had. Also, while the Career mode for Need For Speed: Pro-Street was solid it seemingly paled in comparison to that story mode included in NFS: Most Wanted & Carbon from ’05-’06.

While Need For Speed: Pro-Street looked more realistic than previous games and had slightly better graphics the course designs in the game were not as intriguing as its predecessors. The night time atmosphere of NFS: Carbon was more appealing than Pro-Street and the arcade-like design of Most Wanted was more memorable. Despite, not being quite as popular as NFS: Most Wanted from ’05 Need For Speed: pro-Street still managed to reach around 5.5 million in copies sold worldwide across every gaming platform from the late 00’s. Need For Speed: Pro-Street surprisingly sold more than NFS: Carbon despite some of the game’s shortcomings and EA’s change in art direction from what players were used to seeing in previous installments. Even though, Need For Speed: Pro-Street was considered to be a fun racing game its not considered to be within the top five in terms of best installments within the NFS series.

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