Retro gaming 90’s- Outrunners: (1993)

When it comes down to classic racing games everyone remembers the Outrun series from the 80’s and early 90’s. While the Outrun game from ’86 was arguably Sega’s best racing title out of every game in the series Outrunners from ’93 was actually a pretty cool for the Sega Genesis. Before being ported to the Sega Genesis Outrunners was released in arcade centers worldwide become one of the most addictive racing titles of 1993. When it came down to the racing genre of gaming Sega was virtually untouchable because prior to ’94 PlayStation was not around and Nintendo produced games that looked inferior in terms of quality. Outrunners was the sequel to the critically acclaimed Turbo Outrun title from ’89 and it provided players with a very unique gameplay experience. Outrunners was very fast paced and players got to race in multiple countries including China, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Kenya, Northern Europe, Japan and Hong Kong. Each stage had checkpoints players had to hit before the time ran out along with an impressive day/night cycle which changed in real-time One of the few things that people loved about Outrunners was the fact that it felt more playful than its predecessor which had a more serious tone to it. Outrunners looked way better than anything that came out on the SNES during the early 90’s including Rock & Roll Racing and Top Gear. The course designs for each stage looked amazing by ’93 standards and there almost no limit to how much speed players could pick up during races.

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