Atari 50th: Anniversary Collection!!!!

Its hard to believe that it has been 50 years since Atari has been around and that the world is celebrating its anniversary after being around five decades. When it comes down to video games in general Atari, Inc has been one the main pioneers within the industry dating back to the early 70’s. Atari had arcade cabinets like Pong from ’72 along with the Atari 2600 which was considered a primary form of entertainment as it related to electronic game systems. We also have the Atari 8-bit home computers which we being manufactured and released all throughout the 80’s before ultimately being discontinued back in 1992. Despite, Atari games being irrelevant for about three decades there are many old school games who felt nostalgic when they saw the trailer regarding the anniversary collection. Based on what we know the Atari 50th Anniversary Collection will feature a total of 90 games from various generations of game systems including Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, ST, Jaguar and Lynx. The Atari 50th Anniversary Collection is expected to be released later this year during Winter 2022 on a date that has yet to be revealed. The Atari 50th Anniversary Collection is going to be developed by Digital Eclipse and will only be available for Windows; which is reasonable since Atari was very popular on computers during the 80’s.

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