Should Sega revive the Crazy Taxi series?

There are many old school gamers who remember the original Crazy Taxi game which came roughly around 23 years ago in arcade centers and for the Sega Dreamcast back in 1999. Since its release over two decades ago the original Crazy Taxi game has been seen as one of the most popular arcade racing titles in video game history along with the likes of Outrun and Daytona USA. Despite, not being a bestseller following its release for Dreamcast from 2000 onwards the game spawned two sequels between ’01-’02; with almost every other title being a port of the original game or a spin-off title altogether. The latest installment within the Crazy Taxi series known as Tycoon came out back in ’17 as a mobile game for Android and iOS mobile devices. There are many people who are casual gamers who are unaware of more recent games within the Crazy Taxi series mainly because the franchise has been seemingly irrelevant since the early 00’s. Within the past 20 years the racing genre of gaming has evolved dramatically with various franchises likes Gran Turismo, Forza and Need For Speed becoming extremely popular during the 00’s & 10’s decades. Also, when it comes down to arcade racing games it seemed like Electronic Arts had took that genre to the next level with the Burnout series back in the 00’s. When it comes down to racing games people are looking more for depth in relation to game modes and car customization while they are having fun. While the Crazy Taxi series was fun by early 00’s standards a majority of high profile racing titles from 10’s decade make the classics from ’99-’02 look obsolete in comparison. Even though, nostalgia would be a decent argument as it relates to a potential reboot of the series the competition within the racing genre is more competitive today than it was 20 years ago.

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