Retro Gaming 90’s Spider-Man: (1995)

There is no question that Marvel was very popular back during the 90’s both on television and in relation to video games. The Spider-Man animated series from ’92 eventually developed into a cult following overtime and during the mid 90’s we got to see the release of cool games such as the Spider-Man game from 1995. The self-titled Spider-Man game from ’95 was released for both the Super NES and Sega Genesis. The Spider-Man game from ’95 was a side-scrolling action title that lacked depth in terms of plot and felt very generic as players are supposed to stop various super-villains from terrorizing New York City. This game was developed by Western Technologies and published by Acclaim Entertainment with the Genesis version being the more superior of the two in terms of graphics. It should also be noted that both the Genesis and SNES versions slightly differed from one another in terms of levels with the exception of Coney Island. The main villains in the Spider-Man ’95 game included the likes of Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus and Alistair Smythe. However, despite how fun the Spider-Man ’95 game was for Super NES and Sega Genesis it was most likely overshadowed by various video games that appeared on the original PlayStation game system. By the mid 90’s games like X-Men: Children of the Atom and Marvel Super Heroes were more popular because of superior gameplay quality that the PS1 had to offer. Even though, the best Spider-Man video games had emerged during the 2010’s decade the ’95 2D title is considered to be a memorable classic in the eyes of many people.

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