Retro Gaming 10’s- Watch Dogs: (2014)

When it comes to video games from the 2010’s one of the least memorable years from that decade was ’14 because there were not too many high profile titles that came out during that time. However, one of the few big titles that came out during ’14 was Titanfall, Destiny, Far Cry 4 and Watch Dogs. In relation to the mid 10’s Watch Dogs was one of the more intriguing titles to have emerged from that time period in terms gameplay. Watch Dogs was a game that was developed Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft and revolved around players controlling a city hacker who fights crime. Watch Dogs is a game that is presented in a third-person perspective where the setting takes place in a fictional version of Chicago, Illinois in 2013. The main character in Watch Dogs is Aiden Pearce a man with a tragic backstory which involved the death of his niece in the hands of criminals during an assassination attempt. Pearce’s goal involves getting revenge on the criminals who took the life of his niece during an intentional car accident. Watch Dogs presents players with a nice open-world environment along with the ability to control various mechanics including traffic lights along with the rest of the city’s infrastructure. Aiden Pearce assumes the role of a city vigilante mainly through utilizing his smartphone to engage in activities such a jamming phones and hacking into security systems. Players could obtain a variety of handheld weapons including pistols, shotguns, snipper rifles, grenade launchers in addition to utilizing ctOS towers to access in-game side missions. The realism in Watch Dogs was also impressive especially since players could also become a victim of hacking within the game as well. One main negatives about Watch Dogs was the fact the graphics for Watch Dogs appeared to be downgraded from what people saw in the promotional trailers for the game between 2012-2013.

Despite, the visual presentation of the final version of Watch Dogs falling below the expectations of many people it was still received positively for the most part as a solid action-adventure game. Watch Dogs was a huge commercial success and managed to reach at least ten million copies in sales which is not surprising since the game had been in development since ’09 prior to its release back in Spring 2014. Along with being an action-adventure title Watch Dogs also included other gameplay elements including stealth, puzzle and RPG mechanics which added to the overall gameplay quality of this game. Aiden Pearce’s role as the main protagonist despite being a former criminal was something many people did not mind especially since the tragedy involving his niece is what essentially turned him into an anti-hero. The popularity of Watch Dogs from ’14 onwards spawned a direct sequel which came out in ’16 which was also a massive commercial success on the PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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