Wonder Woman- Is she a better Super-villain?

Wonder Woman has been a legendary figure in relation to comic books and digital media since the 40’s and is widely known around the world to the general public for several decades now. It just about every movie or television show that she has been in Wonder Woman has generally been portrayed as a protagonist and for the most part was widely accepted by the general audience as DC top female superhero over time. Despite, how popular Wonder Woman has been for decades many people in America had began to grow tired of traditional one dimensional superheroes from the mid 90’s onwards; which is one of the reasons why people eventually got bored with Superman. There are many people who believe that Wonder Woman in some ways is like a female version of Superman except she is a bigger attraction among females than males. While Wonder Woman’s affiliation with the Justice League has helped her stay relevant since the 1960’s it feels like she became even more popular following the start of the 2010’s decade. One of the most interesting things that has been done with Wonder Woman during this past decade was NetherRealm Studios making her a super-villain along with Superman in the first Injustice game which came out back in 2013. The role that Diana had in the two Injustice games from ’11-’17 were great because it was realistic opposed to portraying her as a one dimensional superhero who fights for good. In the two Injustice games both Wonder Woman and Superman are basically anti-villains who wanted to establish a one world government while destroying anyone opposed their leadership. The storyline for the Injustice is one most intriguing things that has ever been done within the DC series and if anything Wonder Woman has arguably become more popular since the start of the Injustice series. Even though, Wonder Woman has more of a cult following among females of almost every age due to her popularity as a heroic figure; some would argue that her Injustice persona as a super-villain is role that feels more natural opposed to being a paragon superhero.

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