Retro Gaming 10s- Captain America: Super Soilder (2011)

There have been a variety of Marvel related games that came out during the 10’s decade that were memorable mainly relating to the famous web-crawler Spider-Man to a point we almost every other superhero that had their own games were overshadowed. One of the few games from the early 10’s that was arguably overlooked was Captain America: Super Solider which was released back in July 2011. Captain America: Super Solider was released across multiple game platforms including the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS as a single-player beat em up action title. The console versions of Captain America: Super Solider was developed by Next Level Games and High Voltage Software and published by Sega. The DS version of Captain America: Super Solider was developed by Griptonite Games with the game being based off of the Captain America movie that also came out in 2011. The Captain America: First Avenger movie that came out in ’11 distributed by Paramount Pictures received a fairly positive from the public generating $370 million in box office revenue. The plot for the game was set in the 1940’s and revolved around players battling countless henchmen consisting of HYDRA forces with the Red Skull being the main antagonist. While Captain America: Super Solider looked great in terms of visuals the game itself seemed basic for a 3D game and could of had more cinematic features to enhance its overall quality, The story for Captain America: Super Solider seemed uninspiring where the main character is casted as a one dimensional hero during a time period where more gamers were becoming more obsessed with anti-heroes. Aside from Spider-Man one of the most popular Marvel characters of the 2010’s decade was Deadpool who casuals were more interested in than Captain America. But to be fair Captain America: Super Solider was probably one of the most memorable games involving the legendary Marvel superhero since ’91 beat em up arcade game. By the early 10’s the beat em up genre was pretty much obsolete since action-adventures, RPG’s and 3D shooter games became the general preference among teenagers and young adults. Even though, Captain America: Super Solider was not necessarily a great game its not horrible either.

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