Tomb Raider – Will Crystal Dynamics reveal new gameplay footage at E3 2023?

As many people know we one of the many upcoming video games that the world is looking forward to seeing in the future is going to be released for multiple game systems including the PS5, Xbox Series X and Microsoft Windows. There have not been too many details confirmed by Crystal Dynamics concerning this upcoming video game other than the fact that it will be utilizing the Unreal Engine 5. This upcoming game is supposed to be the thirteenth main installment within the series following the release of Shadow of Tomb Raider title from 2018. The Tomb Raider series is considered to be legendary and has been massively successful with the past decade in relation to sales. The Tomb Raider game from ’13 has managed to reach over 14 million copies in sales while Rise of Tomb Raider hit over 11 million. The latest main installment within the series from ’18 has reached roughly under 9 million in sales within the past few years which shows that the series is obviously still a huge attraction among casual gamers. Whether or not gameplay footage of the new Tomb Raider title will appear at E3 2023 is something that is currently up in the air right now; because it has not been confirmed by Crystal Dynamics yet. However, it would be nice if Crystal Dynamics revealed more information about this upcoming Tomb Raider game in some areas such as what to expect for the game’s plot. While it has been confirmed that a brand new Tomb Raider game is currently in development there is still no official release date for this title just yet.

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