Pokemon Go- Most successful game within its series?

Its been approximately seven years since Pokemon Go was released worldwide on various mobile devices and since then it has managed to become one of the most successful video games of all-time. Pokemon Go is very unique because its unlike the traditional RPG titles that we have been used to seeing on Game Boy and handheld Nintendo game systems since the mid 90’s. As a augmented reality location based game its something special and has managed to become one of most popular mobile titles of all-time within a few years. Since the release of Pokemon Go has managed to generate over $6 billion in revenue within four years and ended up becoming one of the most successful games licensed by Niantic to date. In terms of popularity many would go on record and argue that Pokemon Go rivals PUBG Mobile on mobile devices which is disputable. But there is no question that Pokemon Go is probably the first game within its series that is heavily grounded in reality that has managed to become a huge attraction within the video game world. Even though, Pokemon Go may be the most commercially successful game within its series its far from being the best. Pokemon Go received millions upon millions of downloads each year because its free to play while other Game Boy and Nintendo installments are titles people have to pay for. In terms of popularity the older generation Pokemon games including the first four from ’96-’06 seem to stand out more to casual gamers especially is relates to nostalgia.

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