Cereza- Nintendo’s most popular female protagonist since Samus Aran?


As many people are aware the Bayonetta series started on the Wii console back in ’09 and since then the series has become popular within the past decade as it relates to the hack n slash genre of gaming. When it comes down to top female protagonists created by Nintendo there are hardly any that comes to mind aside from Samus Aran from the Metroid series which started back in ’86. Samus Aran has managed to evolve into a big name over the past three decades and is arguably the one of biggest the and most popular female protagonists of all-time. In terms of revenue the Metroid series has made least $165 million over the past 30 years with all games reaching roughly over 20 million copies in sales overall. Even though, the total sales of Metroid games comes nowhere close to that of Tomb Raider games which is over 88 million Samus Aran is still considered an iconic character within the gaming world. The Bayonetta series is not on the same level of popularity as Metroid mainly due to lack of longevity in comparison to the legendary franchise. Also, between Bayonetta 1 & 2 the first game was the most successful installment thus far reaching approximately one million copies in sales following its Wii release in 2009. The second Bayonetta game from ’14 flopped in sales mainly because the Wii-U was a commercially unsuccessful game system. However, both Bayonetta game had excellent reviews from various gaming publications and we are expecting the third installment to come out sometime later in 2022. While Cereza has the potential one of the biggest female characters that Nintendo has ever created its unlikely that she will ever surpass Samus Aran in popularity.

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