Wario- Nintendo’s greatest anti-hero?

It has been about 30 years since Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins was released on Game Boy back in ’92 which was Wario make his video game debut as a villain. Since then Wario has become one of the most popular characters to have emerged from Nintendo having his own video games series from from ’94 onwards. As far as popularity is concerned many people would argue that the golden era of Wario games came during Nintendo’s Game Boy/GC era from the mid 90’s to the early 00’s. Seeing how popular Wario was as a villain back in ’92 its almost criminal that he did not receive his own Super Nintendo or N64 game over twenty years ago. Wario went from being a villain who ended up placing a dark spell over Mario’s Island and taking it over to becoming a anti-hero feuding with the Black Sugar Gang who were the main antagonists of Wario Land I & II. Rudy the Clown from the Wario Land 3 game from 2000 was not quite as popular as the Black Sugar Gang but the game itself was pretty good overall. As far as the 00’s are concerned the most popular home console Wario games to have emerged from that decade was the Shake It game from ’08 which felt like a huge step in the right direction in relation to art design. Of course games like Warioware Inc and Warioware Twisted on Game Boy Advance were also considered to be masterpieces as well. Despite, not being quite as big as other Nintendo’s characters such as Mario, Link, Kirby or Donkey Kong; Wario stands out more because he was never really portrayed as a traditional hero. Wario had the potential to become a staple non-canon villain of the Super Mario Bros series but Nintendo clearly saw the appeal of making him a anti-hero with his own video game series instead.

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