Are older Elder Scrolls games still attractions?

There are many people are aware that the Elder Scrolls series has been around since ’94 but it seems like the popularity of the series did not really pick up until the late 00’s early 10’s. It was mainly the commercial success of the Elder Scrolls V game from ’11 that helped launch the series into in the limelight during the time it was still relevant. Currently, there are many people waiting for the upcoming release of Elder Scrolls VI which is expected to be launched worldwide within the next two to three years. But the older Elder Scrolls titles from ’94-’97 are titles that most people are unaware of or have been completely forgotten about for over the past two decades. It has recently been announced that titles such as: Elder Scrolls: Arena, Dagerfall, and Redguard been added to Steam due to Bethesda’s PC gaming launcher shutting down in May 2022. Unless the older Elder Scrolls titles are being remade and remastered in 3D its unlikely they are going to appeal significantly to the general audience considering how outdate the graphics for the older games are. In fact, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion from 2006 has yet to be remastered and that game was more popular than any of the titles within the series that came out back in the 90’s Bethesda obviously does not place to much emphasis on the Elder Scroll series outside of the most recent installment which came out over a decade along with this upcoming game which is expected to be released sometime between 2023-2025.

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