Is the Star Fox series Dead?

As many people know the Star Fox series was one of the best things that Nintendo had going back in the 90’s and the early 00’s to some extent. The very first Star Fox game was released back in ’93 and managed to reach at least four million copies in relation to sales on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Following the release of Star Fox 64 in ’97 the game also managed to reach roughly around four million copies in sales on the N64. It seems like ever since the N64 era the popularity of the Star Fox series had been declining despite Star Fox Adventures from ’02 managed to reach roughly under two million copies in sales. The latest installment within the Star Fox series was unreleased Super Nintendo title called Star Fox 2 which appeared on the SNES Classic back in 2017. Prior to the release of Star Fox 2 the Star Fox Zero game was released for the Wii-U in ’16 where the game was considered to be a massive flop. For the most part it seems like the main character Fox McCloud has lost his appeal with causal gamers because he is such as basic character who has not evolved into significantly different over the past 25 years. Also, the rail shooter genre has been dead for least the past two decades or so because the landscape of gaming has evolved greatly since the 90s. The closest thing that we got to a mainstream rail-shooter title resembling a Star Fox game was Starlink: Battle For Atlus which came out for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch back in 2018. Starlink: Battle For Atlus was also considered to be a commercial failure due to low sales mainly because rail-shooters are no longer popular especially in this generation of gaming. Its been about at least six years since Star Fox Zero was released and we have heard nothing from Nintendo about a potential future installment for the Nintendo Switch. At this point it would be safe to conclude that Nintendo is done with the Star Fox series in general since it no longer appeals to casual gamers like it once did.

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