Retro Gaming 10’s- Max Payne 3: (2012)

There are many people who were fans of the Max Payne series back in the 2000’s when the very first game was released back in 2001. Since then we got three main entries within the Max Payne series with the second installment from ’03 arguably being the best entry within the entire series. The Max Payne series had become so popular that by the time we got to late 00’s a live action movie was released in 2008. Despite, the criticism the Max Payne film received it managed to generate over $85 million in box office revenue following its release. The Max Payne film fell below the expectations of fans of the video game franchise but the series was still popular enough for Rockstar to create a Max Payne 3 title in 2012. Max Payne 3 was developed by Rockstar Studios and published by Rockstar Games and it got released for multiple game systems including the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 along with PC. Max Payne 3 was a third person shooter that took place nine years following the events of the second game and had a single-player campaign mode that included fourteen different chapters. The setting of the game takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Max Payne’s occupation is that of a security guard for Rodrigo Branco who was a wealthy businessman. In this game Max Payne was portrayed as a broken anti-hero and ex-cop who was swallowed in self-pity and sorrow due to losing his wife and child after they were murdered by criminals. The opening cutscenes of Max Payne 3 captured Max’s despair turning to drugs and trying to cope with the agony and anguish of everything that has happened in his life. In fact, the tragic events in his life pretty much shaped his fearless, nonchalant, witty and somewhat bitter personality. The plot for the game revolved around Max trying to find Branco’s wife Fabiana after she is kidnapped by a gang of criminals. Max Payne’s narration about his life and everything that was going on throughout the game was fantastic because if felt like something straight out of a movie. In fact, the cutscenes in Max Payne 3 looked better than the actual ’08 film in the eyes of some people.

There were so many positives about Max Payne 3 including the art design and the music score which added to all the graphic blood and gore gameplay that was presented within the game. When controlling Max Payne players had access to a decent arsenal of weapons including Super 90’s, Micro 9MM, pistols along with rocket launchers. The slow motion matrix effects when shooting adversaries was among one of the best gameplay features in Max Payne 3 along with the physics when enemies got hit. The shooting at the Sao Paulo nightclub in Chapter I along with the helicopter scene were both breathtaking and also challenging but they easily kept players emotionally invested into the story from there on out. The early 10’s was a time period where Rockstar’s Advance Game Engine could give the Unreal Engine 3 a run for its money despite not being quite as popular. The single-player campaign mode would give players at least 30 hours of gameplay; they also had the option to engage in co-op or competitive online multiplayer that consisted of up to sixteen players at once. Even though, Max Payne 3 seemingly had everything one could ask for in a “M” rated third-person shooter game this title did poorly in sales during its first month for some reason. Max Payne 3 had reportedly sold approximately 440K in just one month however it managed to eventually ship over 4 million copies in sales after a year. Despite, not being a huge commercial success following its release Max Payne 3 mainly received good reviews among critics and is considered an underrated gem by many people a decade later. Even though, the overall quality of Max Payne 3 was top notch it seems like a Max Payne 4 will never happen. Its clear that whatever fanbase Rockstar had with the Max Payne series during the early 00’s had disappeared by the start of the early 10’s and there are not too many people online today clamoring about a potential Max Payne 4 game in the future.

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