Retro Gaming 10’s- Halo 4: (2012)

When it comes down to classics from the first person shooter genre of gaming in relation to the early 10’s one of the first game that comes to mind is Halo 4 which initially appeared on the Xbox 360 back in 2012. Halo 4 was developed by 343 Industries and published by Microsoft Studios now known as Xbox Game Studios and was the title that followed the critically acclaimed Halo 3 from 2007. The plot for Halo 4 followed the events from its ’07 predecessor where players learn that Master Chief was still alive contrary to the popular believe that he died. In Halo 4 players discover that Master Chief damaged ship was drifting out in space and that he had been place in cryonic sleep for five years following the events from Halo 3. The setting of Halo 4 took place in 2557 and Master Chief is awoken by Cortana who informs him of everything that has happened since 2552. Halo 4 was such a big deal when it first came out because it marked the beginning of the Reclaimer Saga following the end of the Recollection Saga in Halo 3. Almost everything about Halo 4 was impressive from the opening scene which highlighted the Spartans all the way down to the gameplay, voice acting and open world designs that were presented in each mission.

The dialogue between Master Chief and Cortana was one of the best things about Halo 4 aside from everything else because got players emotionally invested into the game. The campaign for Halo 4 included both single-player and co-op gameplay that would take players less than 12 hours to complete. Also, players had access to various weapons when battling the Prometheans including: Plasma Pistols, Storm Rifles, Magnums, Concussion Rifles and Needlers. In missions like Requiem players could ride Warthogs to travel but unfortunately they could not shoot while driving which was considered to be a minor negative. The most difficult missions in Halo 4 varies on who you ask but levels like Infinity, Dawn Requiem and Forerunner were considered tough in the eyes of many people. Despite, the campaign mode for Halo 4 being shorter than expected the online multiplayer game modes was one of the best aspects of this installment. Since its release Halo 4 has managed to reach over eight million copies in worldwide sales while earning at least $300 million in revenue. Even though, Halo 4 was considered a massive commercial success back in 2012 long time fans of the series seemingly preferred older installments within the series from the 2000’s. In terms of design and cinematic presentation Halo 4 is considered to be a masterpiece with the original Xbox 360 graphics and physics standing the test of time quite nicely in the year 2022.

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