Commander Shepard- Did his death negatively affect the Mass Effect series?

As many people know the Mass Effect series had started back in the late 00’s following the release of the very first game back in 2007. The central protagonist of the game was Commander Shepard who was legendary N7 solider for the Systems Alliance military. Commander Shepard was probably without a doubt the most notable figure in the Mass Effect series and received a mainly positive reception by gamers and critics alike for his brave leadership; despite the mental trauma Shepard has retained from past missions. When you think about Mass Effect the series was in its prime between the years of ’07-’12 with the second game arguably being the best installment within the trilogy. Even though, many people widely regard Mass Effect 2 as the best installment within the entire series it did not sell as much as Mass Effect 3 from 2012. The irony of Mass Effect 3 selling more than its predecessor is the fact that most people hated the game because of the endings. While Mass Effect 3 managed to reach at least 7 million copies in sales it marked Commander Shepard’s final appearance within the series. The most frustrating thing about the endings for Mass Effect 3 was the fact that Shepard died regardless of what decisions players made in the game. In retrospect, Mass Effect 3 was just depressing because players had to spend at least day to complete the entire story multiple times for the same outcome but slightly different. There are many who believe that killing off Commander Shepard was a huge mistake on Bioware’s part unless they originally planned on ending the series with Mass Effect 3. However, that was not the case and we still ended up getting Mass Effect: Andromeda back in ’17 which was considered to be underwhelming due to Commander Shepard’s absence in the game. One of the reasons why Mass Effect 3 was a huge commercial success prior to its release is because the game was overhyped and it under delivered in relation to expectations. To say that Command Shepard’s death at the hands of the Collectors negatively affected the Mass Effect series as a whole would be an understatement at this point. While Mass Effect: Andromeda was originally supposed to evolve into a trilogy the game flopped so badly that it never took place. Even though, a new Mass Effect game is supposed to be released sometime within the 2020’s decade its unlikely that it will be entitled “Andromeda 2”.

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