Mass Effect- Will it appear at E3 2023?

As many people are aware E3 2022 was cancelled this year due to fears concerning COVID-19 meaning there are numerous games that we will have to wait and see at next year’s event. As far as upcoming games are concerned one of the few titles everyone is looking forward to learning more about is the brand new Mass Effect installment. Everybody knows that back in December 2020 a reveal trailer was uploaded online in relation to this upcoming Mass Effect game but the details about the game are scarce at the moment. There is no question that the new Mass Effect game is going to be on the PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X but we currently do not have a release date for this title. The latest installment in the Mass Effect series was the Andromeda game that came out back in ’17 for the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One; which was a game that was not quite as popular as the trilogy of titles that came out between 2007-2012. After Commander Shepard died in Mass Effect 3 the Andromeda game was not quite as interesting as its predecessors. Commander Shepard has been central part of the Mass Effect series and seeing him die in Mass Effect 3 despite what ending players got to was both depressing & disappointing. Hopefully, this new Mass Effect game will be more intriguing than what we saw in Andromeda which by no means was a bad game at all. The brand new Mass Effect game has not been confirmed to appear at E3 2023 but there is no question that many people will be expecting more news about the game sometime next year,

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