Retro Gaming 10s- Strider: (2014)

As many people know the strider series has been around since ’89 when Capcom had released the very first game in arcade centers. While the very first Strider game is considered to be iconic the Strider 2 from ’99 fell under the radar and ended up becoming one of Capcom’s least successful games to of emerged from the 90’s. It seemed like the Strider series was pretty much dead throughout the 00’s decade along with the early 10’s. But to the surprise of many the Strider series made an unexpected return during 2014; as it was released for multiple game systems including the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The Strider game from ’14 was pretty much a reboot of the original game from ’89 but with a more modernized design in relation to graphics and aesthetics. The Strider ’14 title was considered to be a multi-genre video game that was a considered a 2D platform hack n slash while also being a Metroidvania title. The Strider game from ’14 included gameplay elements from the first two titles from ’89 & ’99 along with Marvel vs Capcom from ’98 making for an exciting gameplay experience. Players also got to see brief cutscenes prior to each boss battle along with dialogue exchange between the main character Strider Hiryu and villainous characters on various different levels. As players progresses throughout the game their were able to acquire new skills which came in handy while destroying numerous enemies throughout the game. The plot for the Strider 2014 revolved mainly around Strider Hiryu being sent by an organization to assassinate the Grandmaster who was apparently a dictator who ruled the world. In the original Strider ’89 game the setting to place in a dystopian future during the year 2048. The Strider ’14 game did a much better job in capturing the dark futuristic atmosphere that the original title tried to create because a contemporary version of the game. As far popularity was concerned Strider ’14 was surprisingly a success reaching over one million copies in sales across all gaming platforms. Despite, the success the Strider reboot had from ’14 onwards many people believe that nostalgia was a huge factor in the game’s popularity.

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