Retro Gaming 10s: Velocity 2X: (2014)

The Velocity 2X game from ‘14 is a video game that many people do not know about mainly because it was created by an indie British video developer known as FuturLab. Velocity 2X was the sequel to the Velocity game that was released back in ‘12 and was released across multiple gaming platforms including PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. Velocity 2X was a 2D shoot ‘em up puzzle game with a pretty unique art style which looked somewhat like the Child Of Light title from 2014. The storyline for Velocity 2X followed the events from the prequel with players having control of the main character Kai Tana. Unfortunately, Kai Tana was taken prisoner by the Vokh Empire but is assisted by an alien scientist in relation to escaping and returning to home planet Tana. Even though, Velocity 2X is one of those games that could easily be criticized for its lack of storyline depth; the plot was intriguing enough to give players a reason to check Velocity 2X out. In terms of gameplay Velocity 2X was praised for its improved gameplay in comparison to its predecessor especially in the area of speed. Despite, its popularity it does not seem like Velocity 2X will be getting a sequel even though the game was re-released for the Switch console back in 2018. At one point a sequel known as Velocity Supernova was under developed but was eventually cancelled altogether because the game never got the interest of publishers. While Activision & Curve Digital acted as publishers for the Xbox Ome & Switch versions of Velocity 2X; there was apparently no plans for either company to do business with FuturLab for Velocity Supernova.

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