Could Exoprimal become as popular as Dino Crisis?

Exoprimal was one of the many games that was revealed at Sony’s State Of Play livestream about week ago and it has definitely caught the attention of many gamers worldwide. Based on what we know Exoprimal is a game that is about slaying seemingly thousands of dinosaurs that mysteriously fall from the sky from a portal; especially since they end up posing as a huge threat to the earth. There is almost no question that Exoprimal is basically a third person shooter game involving mechas. Exoprimal allows players to take on the role of an exofighter in order to combat the wild and ferocious dinosaurs that plauges the earth and includes five player co-op gameplay. While various aspects from the overall presentation of Exoprimal looked impressive such as the gameplay, graphics and voice-over presentation; there also many people who were bummed by the fact that Capcom did not announce Dino Crisis 4 which would have definitely been a bigger deal. Exoprimal is somewhat similar to the Dino Crisis series in the sense where the game is centered around dinosaur outbreaks on earth. However, Capcom has decided to use a different approach with Exoprimal by making it a third person shooter opposed to a survival horror game. Also, the Dino Crisis games from ’99-’03 seemingly had a darker atmosphere opposed to what was presented in the reveal trailer for Exoprimal. Seeing how popular the Monster Hunter series has become within the past decade you would think that reviving the Dino Crisis series would make a ton of sense on Capcom’s end. However, the Exoprimal game is something new and it looks very promising as of right now. Exoprimal is expected to appear on multiple gaming platforms including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on Steam sometime in 2023. The success of Exoprimal from ’23 onwards is most likely going to determine whether or not the upcoming game will get a sequel or even evolve into a video game series throughout the rest of the 2020’s decade.

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