Why Square Enix’s DioField Chronicle is a big deal

There were a series of groundbreaking announcements at Sony’s most recent State Of Play livestream as it relates to upcoming releases. One of the few games from the ‘22 State Of Play livestream that everyone is talking about right now is Square Enix’s DioField Triangle game. There were somewhat displeased by the fact that Square Enix did not reveal a new Final Fantasy Tactics game. However, the gameplay in DioField Triangle looked similar to that of Final Fantasy Tactics which many people were happy about. DioField Triangle is probably the second biggest tactical RPG game that Square Enix releases this year behind Project Triangle Strategy. Similar Project Triangle Strategy the DioField Triangle has the potential to be one of most Square Enix’s most popular RPG’s of 2022. DioField Triangle has a pretty solid plot that allows players to take control of a band of mercenaries known as Blue Fox; while the Kingdom of Alletain faces a new threat in the form of special powers and Modern Magic. The war comes after a 200 year peace period in the Kingdom of Alletain under the rule of Shaytham Dynasty. Everything about Diofield Triangle looks fantastic from its music score all the way down to its overall presentation. Also, DioField Triangle is going to be released across multiple platforms including the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. This fantasy based game has a balance of both medieval and modern day elements which will make for a unique gameplay experience. Also, the character designs and storytelling aspects of DioField Triangle will make for a critically acclaimed RPG following its upcoming release later this year.

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