Retro Gaming 90s- Garou: Mark Of The Wolves: (1999)

Its hard to believe that Garou: Mark Of Wolves was released over 20 years ago back in 1999. Garou: Mark Of Wolves is such an underrated video game that gets overlooked mainly due to the popularity of the King Of Fighters series. Mark Of Wolves similar to the KOF series was also another brain child of SNK; along with being the final installment within the Fatal Fury series. Garou: Mark Of Wolves was released for the Neo Geo MVS prior to being ported for various game systems including the Neo Geo AES, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 between ‘99-‘06. The Mark Of Wolves game was later ported for the PS Vita during ‘15 PS4 back in ‘16. Garou: Mark Of Wolves was the sequel to Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition which also came out in ‘99 for the PS1 after receiving an arcade release. The storyline for Garou: Mark Of Wolves was set a decade following the death of reoccurring antagonist Gesse Howard. Mark Of Wolves included new bosses named Grant and Kain Heinlein and featured other new characters including: Rock Howard, Garou, B. Jenet and others. Its almost certain that the absence of certain characters such as: Mai Shiranui, Andy Bogard and Joe Higashi negatively affected the popularity of Ganou: Mark Of Wolves. However, the game received mainly positive reviews by critics and various gaming publications. Despite, the fact that 2D gaming was starting to decline in popularity by the late 90’s; SNK still managed to release an above average arcade fighting title.

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