Street Fighter VI- Will Capcom release it between 2023-2024?

It was recently announced by Capcom that Street Fighter VI is currently in development and is set to be released for multiple gaming platforms in the future. In addition to Capcom’s announcement of SFVI we got to see a trailer that featured Ryu along with Luke from Street Fighter V. There were fans of the Street Fighter series who were polarized by the character model for Ryu; especially since he looked bigger than he should. Aside from the trailer that we got to see we lack information about Street Fighter VI in relation to game modes, storylines along with the roster of characters that are going to be in the game. Its almost a given that fan favorites like Ken, Chun-Li and Guile are going to make a return in Street Fighter VI. The question that people have concerns the official release date of Street Fighter VI. While its unlikely that Street Fighter VI is go into be released in ‘22; there is speculation that the game will most likely be released sometime between’23-‘24. However, it likely that we can possibly see gameplay footage of SFVI before the end of 2022. Street Fighter VI is a highly anticipated game that people have been looking forward to seeing for years; since the release of SFV back in 2016. Since its release over six years ago Street Fighter V had reached over six million copies in sales. There is no doubt that the Street Fighter series still very popular three decades later and this next game has the potential to be better than the last two major installments.

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