Does Crunchyroll add to the appeal of Nintendo’s eShop?

The news has recently broke on various gaming websites that the Crunchyroll app is now available on the Nintendo Switch. The anime streaming app has been around for many years and is considered to be a favorite among many people for years now. There are many people who wonder whether or not the inclusion of Crunchyroll on Nintendo’s online eShop; will have a significant effect on its appeal in the long run. Crunchyroll is something that is also available on both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X along with Microsoft Windows. Its not such a big deal that Crunchyroll is on Nintendo’s eShop for the Nintendo Switch; especially since people can gain access to its streaming services from multiple platforms. But if Crunchyroll runs better on the Switch eShop than it does on the PS5 or Xbox Series X it could definitely be a big deal. There have been various reports of Crunchyroll crashing on the PlayStation 5 from late 2020 up until now. Issues with the Crunchyroll app was also common with the Xbox One in the past but not so much with the Xbox Series X in comparison to the PS5. If Crunchyroll has less problems in the Switch than it does on PlayStation 5 that would make Nintendo’s eShop somewhat more appealing. Despite, the PlayStation 5 having the ability to produce 4K HD visuals; anime lovers will be more attracted to streaming shows on a platform that is less likely to give them technical issues.

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