Disney SpeedStorm- The next big racing game for Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo’s most recent Direct presentation has been filled with many pleasant surprises as it related to announcements for upcoming video games. The announcement regarding Gameloft’s Disney SpeedStorm was something nobody saw coming that many people were impressed by. This game has numerous characters from both Disney & Pixar along with numerous race tracks inspired by both franchises. The roster of characters include in this bran new racing game includes Mickey Mouse, Mulan, Captain Jack Sparrow, Beast and Sulley. The game provides players with characters who all have their own unique special abilities they can utilize during races. Disney SpeedStorm is a fast paced racing game that feels somewhat like a cross between Mario Kart 8 and Fast RMX. Players are allowed to utilize nitro boosts while drifting on various courses to get the edge over their competitors. Also, players can customize the stats of each character to make them more effective in terms of winning races. There were people were bummed that Mario Kart 9 was not announced at Nintendo’s most recent direct presentation. But Disney SpeedStorm is a game that looks like it has the potential to become the best Switch racing title of 2022. A brand new racing game featuring legendary Disney & Pixar characters is very interesting. Disney SpeedStorm would especially be appealing to children who familiar with the series; along with casual racing fans who currently own the Nintendo Switch. Its too early to predict how successful Disney SpeedStorm will be commercially; but its definitely something that can keep Switch owners entertained until Mario Kart 9 is released by Nintendo.

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