Is Valve Steam Deck a threat to the Nintendo Switch?

There have been many interesting developments within the gaming world within the past year; especially with Sony & Microsoft’s acquisitions of popular third-party developers in the past few months. One of the biggest things that people within the gaming world are talking about right now is the upcoming release of the Valve Steam Deck which is expected to be on sale starting on February 25th, 2022. This new handheld game system will allow players to stream online video games from Steam. The Valve Steam Deck is expected to be shipped in multiple countries across the world this month including America, United Kingdom and Canada. The Value Steam Deck has multiple models with the prices depending on how many gigabytes each one contains. The cost of the basic 64 GB model averages $399 while the the device that contains 256 GB is $529. The 512 GB model of the Valve Steam Deck is priced at $649 and has more optimal features including anti-glare etch glass and high capacity storage. While the Valve Steam Deck is considered to be expensive many are questioning whether or not it could be a threat to the Nintendo Switch. At this point the Nintendo Switch is one of the best selling video game consoles of the past decade. The Switch console has managed to reach over 103 million units in sales within the past five years that its been retail. If anything the Valve Steam Deck would be a great alternative for those who are not too fond of the Nintendo Switch. Streaming video games have become the new norm for most gamers especially since it saves them the trouble of having to make in store purchases. The Valve Steam Deck is unlikely to pose a significant threat to the Switch console; but its availability could definitely have a negative effect on Nintendo’s next generation game system in tel to sales.

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