Retro Gaming 00’s- Guitar Hero V: (2009)

The late 00’s was a great time to be alive while being a fan of video games as it related to the music-rhythm genre. While Guitar Hero and the Rock Band series were competing against one another during the late 00’s-early 10’s; it was difficult for many gamers to make up their minds on which was better back then. When came down to memorable music-rhythm games from ‘09 one of the main titles that standout from that year was Activision’s Guitar Hero V. This game was developed by Neversoft and was released for multiple game systems including the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 along with the Nintendo Wii. Guitar Hero V was considered to be a more superior installment than the GH: Smash Hits game which also came out back in 2009. Guitar Hero V included roughly around 85 different soundtracks and had a variety of game modes outside of Career. The “Party Play” mode was a nice way to open the game especially since it allowed players to alter the difficulty level. The “Rockfest” mode was also great because it allowed both local and online multiplayer gameplay. The local gameplay in “Rockfest” mode allowed up to four players while eight players can be present online. The sub modes featured in “Rockfest” included Streakers, Momentum, Perfectionist, Elimination, Do or Die and Pro Face Off.

All the game modes featured in Guitar Hero V added to the overall replay of the game especially since there more local multiplayer options than the GH: Smash Hits game. One of the more exciting features of Guitar Hero V was the song challenges that players were presented within the game in order to gain access to hidden unlockable content. The cool thing about challenges in Guitar Hero V was how they were presented. The challenges in Guitar Hero V had different tiers including Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The song challenges that players had to complete could either be through open gigs or they could have specific requirements. Guitar Hero V saw the return of the Music Studio game mode with modifications from the Metallica themed game; which allowed players to record their own music so they could share on GHTunes. In addition, to having in-depth gameplay one of the biggest things that people remember about Guitar Hero V was inclusion of the late legendary rock artist Kurt Cobain from Nirvana. Guitar Hero V had included a variety of different popular rock songs from many popular artists & band including Johnny Cash, Blink 182, Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Megadeth and more. Guitar Hero V also players to import various songs that were included in previous installments of the Guitar Hero series including World Tour, Metallica and the Smash Hits games from ‘08-‘09. Guitar Hero V was considered to be a commercial success since it managed to reach over one million in sales worldwide and was arguably the best music-rhythm game from 2009.

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