Batman Arkham Collection confirmed for Switch release?

As many people know the Batman: Arkham Collection game came out over three years ago on the Xbox One X back in November 2018. The Batman: Arkham Collection included the Asylum, City and Knight games from ‘09-‘15 which were all developed by Rocksteady Studios. Each Batman game within the trilogy are considered to be classics and they all stand the test of time very well. As far as the Batman: Arkham Collection is concerned there have been rumors about the game possibly coming to the Nintendo Switch later in 2022. Apparently, a French retail website known as had the Batman: Arkham Collection listed for an upcoming release for August, 31st, 2022. Unless, there was a mistake made on the part of the website this is definitely exciting news. However, Nintendo not Warner Bros have yet to confirm the fact that the Batman: Arkham Collection is heading to the Switch console later this year. The listed retail price for the Switch version of Batman: Arkham Collection on website was €60. If the information for the website is accurate then the Switch port of the Batman: Arkham Collection would be roughly around $81 USD if released in America. Hopefully, Nintendo or Warner Bros will eventually shed more light on this situation on the rumors regarding the Switch port of the Batman: Arkham Collection.

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